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Language or Speech Impairment

A language or speech impairment is characterized by one (1) of the following impairments that adversely affects the student's educational performance:

(1) Language impairments in the comprehension or expression of spoken or written language resulting from organic or nonorganic causes that are nonmaturational in nature. Language impairments affect the student's primary language systems, in one (1) or more of the following components:

(A) Word retrieval.
(B) Phonology.
(C) Morphology.
(D) Syntax.
(E) Semantics.
(F) Pragmatics.

(2) Speech impairments that may include fluency, articulation, and voice disorders in the student's speaking behavior in more than one (1) speaking task that are nonmaturational in nature, including impairments that are the result of a deficiency of structure and function of the oral peripheral mechanism.

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